Wedding Video

Wedding Video

The best wedding video is the one that matches your own personality and style. As directors and producers, we have shot films, short films, tv commercials, and a few hundred weddings. We can provide high-quality service and an unforgettable experience on your wedding day. Let's talk and find out what will be the best wedding video for you.

Romance wedding video

A great way to describe a love story is through a romantic wedding video. Through our lens, we will focus on all those moments of love, happiness, joy, excitement, thrill, emotion, surprise. Imagine us as guests at your wedding, that through our aesthetics, we capture your wedding day.

Postmodern wedding video

Postmodern wedding cinematography is a unique way to capture your wedding day. The only thing you have to do is to tell us that you want a postmodern wedding video, and the rest is on us: a non-serial form of narration, a quick rhythm of editing, and directorial freedom showing how we experienced your marriage.


Marryoke comes of the combination of the words marriage and karaoke. Eclipse was the first team who brought in Greece this original idea for your wedding video. All you need to do on your wedding day is to trust our team's long-time experience. We will create a unique wedding video clip, full of fun and good mood. Marryoke is the best proposal for an unforgettable wedding party that will last all day long.

Same Day Edit Wedding Video

At the Same Day Edit wedding video, the edit and the projection of the video happen on the day of the wedding. The team of Eclipse has delivered Same Day Edit videos over the last years, with great success. We edit our videos during the day of the wedding, from the bride and groom's preparations, the ceremony and perhaps to the entrance at the party. The wedding video is shown that day at the party, just before the first dance of the couple or the cut of the wedding cake. Without a doubt, it is the most impressive way for a wedding party to start.

Super 8 wedding video

Shooting on Super 8 film is a vintage approach to a wedding video. The directors of Eclipse Weddings have a background in film making and it would be impossible not to use the 8mm cinematic film. The event is filmed with Kodak analogue film, which we develop in our own workshops, and digitize it to match perfectly with the rest of the digital material (Full HD, 4k). What's closest to a cinematic style than working with cinematographic media? To use genuine analog film and analog cameras is the closest to vintage filmmaking, as the Polaroid photographic and Instagram effects have shown us.

Destination wedding video

Kefalonia, Crete, Monemvasia, Leros, Patmos, Kea are just some of the destinations that we had the joy to visit in order to film a couple during their happiest day. Traveling in Greece and abroad fascinates us, but mostly inspire us to give our best for the wedding videos that we create.

Next Day and Pre wedding video

The best way to get natural, spontaneous shots on your wedding day, is to film on a documentary style. For those who may like something different, the Day After or the Pre Wedding shooting can be charming, while avoiding clich╬╣ tips. Together we can create special Day After or Pre Wedding videos, and we recommend shooting on Super 8 film, in order to let the film itself show us its magic.