Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is the story of a unique love story. As wedding photographers, we have attended and captured a few dozens of weddings. But at every wedding, we face a novel story to narrate through the photos. The emotions, the smiles, the laughs, the tears of happiness are always unlike anything else. Our goal is to capture these raw emotions and to transform them into timeless memories. So that every time you see the wedding photos, you remember every little detail. You remember every friend and family member that stood by you on this special day.


We try to meet and get to know every couple before the big day. Through the consultation meeting, we will discuss all the little and big issues that may concern you regarding your wedding photos. We offer custom wedding photography packages that will match your needs and the style of your wedding.

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Some of us feel quite uncomfortable in front of the camera. So this is your chance! We can schedule a pre-wedding photo shoot to find ways so you can feel more relax and confident. It is also an excellent way for us to get to know more about you as a couple. Imagine this photoshoot as a rehearsal for your big day. If you schedule your shoot early, you could use the photos for a save-the-day invitation or a custom wish book.

Next Day Wedding Photoshoot

Next Day wedding photo shoot can be scheduled either on the next day of your wedding or a few days after the big day.

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Weddings is our most favorite kind of weddings.